Coaching Team

All our coaches regularly attend the certifying trainings of the
England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB)

Marc Gordon – 11-19 Years old Coaching manager and President

After having traveled the globe on behalf of many international humanitarian organizations, Marc has imposed with tact and diplomacy an energetic, generous and audacious Cricket.

Ahmed Motala – 11-19 Years old Coach

Very happy with the victories of the South African team (but not that), Ahmed brings to finesse training and precision thanks to a tactical intelligence out of pairs.

Hascal Gallop – 11-19 Years Coach

It is in the 90s that his native island welcomes for the first time all the great stars of the World Cricket. He accompanies Mark today in his Sunday training.

Richard Kegwin – 6-11 Years old Coaching manager

In addition to being a talented civilian lawyer, an eminent trombonist in his spare time, and an excellent Cricket player, Richard is a creative coach who takes care of 5 to 11 year old juniors.

Tim Macfarlane– 6-11 Years Coach

Even though Australian Cricket is full of rules not yet validated by all other sports federations, this native of Perth teaches an Orthodox Cricket in the purest British tradition.

Maxime Guer – 6-11 Years Coach

It is in New Caledonia that Maxime discovers Cricket, very popular sport in this island but practiced only by women! He discovers the Geneva Region Youth Cricket Club by registering his 2 children. A few months later, he validated his title of Coach by an internship ECB.

We don’t want to just produce cricketers who play the game the right way, we want to provide a legacy for the future. We’re the first club in the country to develop fully functioning indoor cricket training facilities. But cricket is an outdoor sport, so we’re setting our sights on developing a ground and nets facility focussed on youth cricket in the Geneva area.