The GRYCC Association

You will find in the enclosed text the official statutes of the association Geneva Region Youth Cricket Club(GRYCC):


Article 1

Under the name “Geneva Region Youth Cricket Club (GRYCC)” an association has been founded in compliance with Articles 60 to 79 of the Swiss Civil Code. The provisions of the Swiss Civil Code shall apply to the Association.

Article 2

The seat of the Association shall be in Geneva

Article 3

The purposes of the Association shall be to promote youth cricket in all its forms and to help set standards of quality ensuring a fair- play sport environment and providing equal access to all young players interested in cricket.

Article 4

The purposes of the Association are exclusively of public general interest. GRYCC is a sporting and non-profit organisation, independent and neutral on the subjects of race, religion, colour, creed and politics.


Article 5

The association is composed of two memberships:

5.1 Full Members
– This category includes all players below the age of 19 who shall enjoy the broad range of facilities and benefits and can attend all training and be available for all matches by paying subscription fees for membership or having the subscription fee paid by a parent or guardian. Those aged 18 and above will have the right to vote at General Meetings, can be nominated to the Executive Committee and can propose candidates for future membership. A parent of those aged below 18 will have the right to vote at General Meeting (1 vote per junior membership), can be nominated to the Executive Committee and can propose candidates for future membership.

5.2 Honorary active members – the Executive Committee can nominate to honorary membership adult supporters and contributors who take an active part in the well being of the Association and the promotion of youth cricket. They have the right of vote at the General Meetings.

5.3 Honorary vice presidents – non-playing members can join the club on the payment of a special vice-president membership fee. These members do not have the right of vote but may participate at the General Meetings with a consultative vote.

Article 6

The Executive Committee shall decide, by simple majority of those present and voting on admission of new members and continuance of membership.

Article 7

Full members or their parents/guardians shall pay the membership fee as adopted by the General Meeting. The said fees are not permitted to exceed CHF300.

Article 8

Any member whose membership fees are not settled within 30 days of the due date shall automatically lose the membership, unless the Executive Committee provisionally waived the payment. Fees are due by 1 of May and cover the full calendar year.

Article 9
Members shall not in any way be responsible for the financial commitments of the Association over and above the amount of their financial contribution.

Article 10

The Association does not have accident insurance cover for its Members and other people assisting it during training or matches. Adequate personal insurance for accidents during GRYCC matches and training is thus each Member’s own responsibility or that of their parent or guardian.


Article 11

The executive bodies of the Association are:
– The Annual General Meeting
- The Executive Committee (referred to as “Direction” by the Swiss Civil
Code) – The Auditor

Article 12
General Meeting of Members of the Association shall be called by its Secretary on behalf of the Executive Committee or within one month of receipt of a written request signed by no less than three- quarters of the Association’s Full Members.

Article 13
The General Meeting is convened once a year as an Annual General Meeting which is the supreme authority of the Association and which has the following powers:

. a) Amendments to the Association’s Constitution and winding up of the Association;
. b) Approval of the annual report of the Executive Committee and that of the Auditor and discharge of the Executive Committee activities;
. c) Election of the Executive Committee and the Auditor;
. d) Approval of the annual membership fees
. e) Decisions on all other points for which the General Meeting is competent.

Article 14
The General Meeting is chaired by the President of the Executive Committee or, in his absence, by the Secretary or another member of the Executive Committee.

. 14.1 Quorum for decision shall be 40% of the Full Members entitled to vote.
. 14.2 The General Meeting shall take its decision by way of vote on the basis of simple majority of the entitled votes expressed, unless otherwise provided.
. 14.3 For the winding- up of the Association and for the amendments to the present Constitution, a majority of two- thirds of the votes expressed shall be required.
. 14.4 Proxy votes from Full Members and given in due form shall be included to form the quorum and to vote count. Except in the case of a vote for the Association winding-up where proxy votes are not authorised.
. 14.5 In the event of a tied vote, the Chairman has a casting vote.

Article 15
The Executive Committee governs and represents the Association. It is empowered to take all decisions and to undertake any action that it deems necessary and desirable in order to achieve the Association’s purposes. It shall call the Annual General Meeting and determine the agenda.

Article 16
The Executive Committee shall consist of not fewer than three and not more than nine members. It shall consist of, but not be limited to the following positions:
a) President, b) Secretary, c) Treasurer, d) Coach – Under 11s, e) Coach – Under 9s, f) Sponsorship, match and tour organiser g) Web and publicity.
People wishing to stand for election to these posts should be proposed and seconded by members with full voting rights.
The senior captain will be co-opted by the committee and have full voting rights.

Article 17
Upon invitation of its President, or in its absence, of its Secretary, the Executive Committee shall meet at least twice a year and as often as it deemed necessary during the cricket season.

Article 18
The powers of the Executive Committee shall be exercised more particularly to:
. a) appoint from among its members its President, the Treasurer and the Secretary;
. b) decide on admission of new members and continuance of membership:
. c) propose the annual membership fees;
. d) propose amendments to the constitution;
. e) propose the Auditor for appointment:
. f) nominate Honorary Members

Article 19
The Executive Committee may suspend or dismiss from Membership any person:
. 19.1 for non-payment of the membership fees, in application of the above article 8;
. 19.2 in the event of a serious misconduct on their part which prejudiced the Association’s activities and brought the GRYCC name into disrepute.

Article 20
Quorum for decisions of the Executive Committee is three. The decisions must be unanimous in the absence of the President and Secretary.

Article 21
The term of office of the Executive Committee members shall be for one year. Outgoing Executive Committee Members are eligible for re-election. Whenever a seat becomes vacant, the Executive Committee shall be authorised to fill it until the next General Meeting, by co-option of a new member.


Article 22
The resources of the Association consist of:
. a) annual membership fees paid by its Full Members,
. b) Subventions, donations and gifts,
. c) Other resources resulting from the Association’s fundraising activities.

Article 23
The Association’s financial year shall coincide with the calendar year.

Article 24
All financial decisions are subject to the availability of a statement of current club assets supplied by the Treasurer, or, in his absence, by the Secretary.

Article 25
The Association shall be legally bound by the individual signature of its President, or in his absence, by the individual signature of its secretary or by the joint signature of two designated members of the Executive Committee.

Article 26
The Treasurer, or in his absence, the Secretary, shall submit the annual financial report to the Annual General Meeting for approval and discharge.

The Auditor

Article 28
The Auditor shall be proposed by the Executive Committee and appointed by the General meeting for a period of one year. The Auditor shall present its report annually to the General Meeting.


Article 29
The decision to wind up and liquidate the Association must be taken by qualified majority of votes as stated under above article 14, para 3 and 4, at two consecutive General Meetings, with an interval of at least one month between the two.

Article 30
The assets of the Association shall not be redistributed among the members under any circumstances, nor used for their benefit, in whole or in part, in any manner whatsoever, but shall be transferred to an institution pursuing aims analogous to those of the Association.